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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Top male tennis players of all time

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     1)  Roger Federer – A genius with a racquet in his hand, anything he can’t do on a tennis court isn’t worth knowing. Regarded by many as the greatest player ever with a record 16 grand slam titles and an insatiable appetite for success at the highest level. A true legend in the history of tennis.

     2)   Rod Laver – Rated as the best player ever by many tennis experts, Laver is the only player ever to have twice won all four grand slams in the same year.  Laver was a master of the serve-and-volley game and won a career total of 11 grand slams, putting him 4th in the all time list.

     3)   Pete Sampras – The American was a master of Wimbledon with seven victories  and known as a wonderful serve-volley player. His all-round court ability was admired by many and many people though that his 14 major titles would never be surpassed until a certain Swiss same along.

     4)   Rafael Nadal – The stats might not show him to be up there with the best but let us not forget that Nadal is only 24 and has been plagued by knee injuries. With that in mind, his record of nine grand slams is mighty impressive and the clay-court specialist has the unlimited ability to win many more.

5)   Bjorn Borg  - He may have only had a short career but Borg achieved so much in the game. He had the highest percentage of Grand Slam entrees to wins (11/27) and won a record five straight Wimbledon’s and four consecutive French Opens to stamp his class on the sport, before announcing his shock retirement at the age of 26.

     6)   Boris Becker  - Becker won his first grand slam at just 17 years of age when he lifted the Wimbledon crown.  Winner of six majors, Boris was adored for his passion and incredible ability to fire winners from the most outrageous positions.  He won over many fans with his courage and risk-taking.

     7)   Andre Agassi - Known as the best returner in the world of tennis, Agassi won 8 grand slams and has the Career Golden Slam by winning all majors and the Olympic gold. He had attitude problems on and off the court but always provided great entertainment.

     8)   Jimmy Conors – Winner of eight slams, Connors had tremendous spirit on the court and that combined with his wonderful two-handed backhand was a match for anyone. His best moments came against the likes of McEnroe and Borg where he produced stunning tennis in some memorable matches.

     9)   John McEnroe – Probably the most naturally talented player of all time and maybe the most passionate. He lost some fans with his eccentric antics but he never failed to entertain and seven grand slam titles is hardly a bad return.

     10)   Ivan Lendl – Lendl was one of the dominant players of the 1980s and tallied a total of eight grand slams during an illustrious career.  He was a masterful tactician, and a superb athlete with a one of the best running forehands ever seen.


  1. laver had 5 years out between his two grand slams when he was winning everything on the newly formed pro tour.he would probably have won 28 grand slam events had the championships been open contest,laver has to be the best player ever and don't forget with those small wooden rackets you had to hit them out of the sweet spot which he did all the time.

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  5. At his best, Richard Alonso Gonzalez greatest male tennis player ever. Lew Hoad, Rod Laver, Pete Sampras, and Roger Federer follow.

  6. Rod Laver had six years in the tennis wilderness (1963-1968) bookended by Grand Slams (1962,1969) Even if he only won 8 majors in this time - when he was playing at his absolute peak - he would have eclipsed both Sampras and Federer for majors won. No contest if you think logically about it! Althoughy Bill Tilden and Pancho Gonzales were equally dominant in world tennis, they never suffered comparable enforced absences from the game. Barry

  7. Replace Becker's name with Pancho Gonzalez and I would agree with this list.