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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Kallis vs Tendulkar

Kallis stats                                                                                  Tendulkar stats

There have been so many great batsmen is the history of cricket but there are few, if any, better then Sachin Tendulkar and Jaques Kallis.

As I'm writing this now, the two are playing against each other and not doing to bad. Kallis scored his 39th century in a masterful 161 while the little master himself is currently 134* having passed his 51st test match hundred.

It's difficult to pinpoint who is the better. Kallis averages 56 and has scored 11, 677 runs in 144 matches while his Indian counterpart also averages 56 with 14532 runs in 176 games.

Remarkable stats for truly great players.

Tendulkar has more runs but he's played 32 matches more so to pick the best out of the two is pretty impossible.

They will both down in history as two of the greatest players to have ever played the game. Tendulkar will be remembered has an architect, he caresses the ball into the gaps and carefully constructs his innings while Kallis is more of a power play, scoring more runs through boundaries.

Who is better? Vote in my poll.

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