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Friday, 3 December 2010

The time has come for change

In hindsight, it was all to clear that England were never going to win the right to host the 2018 World Cup for so many different but obvious reasons. The fact of the matter is that FIFA just simply did not think even for one second that they would award it to the place that invented Football.

We, the people of England, are proud of our sport and it will always be part of us forever. The passion and desire amongst fans is unmatched across the globe and the love of the beautiful game is something to behold.

It's a fact that we would be undoubtedly the best place to hold such a major event as the world cup. I mean we could hold one tomorrow if need be. The facilities, transport, stadiums and atmosphere can only be found in this fine nation.

But for some unknown reason, FIFA and it's leader Sepp Blatter seems to feel that it would be better to host the biggest event on the planet in a 'mafia state' and a country with half the population of Wales. I can already picture the scene. Amazing stadiums , incredible architecture, stunning views but ultimately it will be soulless with empty stadiums and no atmosphere, is that what football's become?

It's funny how the two winning nations are both in the top three of the most oil-rich nations on earth. And if you really want to give it to nations that haven't had it before then tell us that as the start you fools.

FIFa is a insult to the beautiful game. How can 22 greedy, selfish men be in control of who hosts the World Cup? They get jetted around with the bidding nations paying all their fees for hotels and expenses in order to woo these self-obsessed, over-inflated egos.

England shouldn't bother. I would rather not win the right to host the world cup and keep our integrity then host it but sell our dignity. This should be the starting block for a complete overhaul of the way football in run.

These 22 men control our game and it doesn't matter what we say, they won't listen. It's a dictatorship not a democracy. Surely the players playing football and fans paying money week in week out should decide what laws to bring in and what they want changed. But whatever is suggested can never be implemented unless FIFA agree and that is unlikely.

Just take goaline technology. Millions of fans, pundits, mangers, officials and players all over the planet state endlessly the need for it. We've seen example after example of dreadful decisions which could easily have been overturned with a 10 second replay.

But there's one person in the entire world it seems that is unwilling to have it because it'll "take away what everyone loves about football". It is Sepp Blatter of course.

The time has come for a serious external independent investigation into FIFA. The voting system needs a radical change, so that it's much more transparent and open as well as having more people in the voting process.

It should include ex players, managers and people who have been involved in football. The organisation thats is in charge of world football needs people who know football and know the game. Not 22 men in suits who have never kicked a ball in their lives.

Someone such as the late great Bobby Robson would have been a perfect candidate. Football is in his blood, he knew what it the game was all about and what was needed to improve it.

If there is no change then there's no way that England can host a world cup. We might be the greatest nation when it comes to having the best league, managers and payers but for some berculiar reason we are not allowed to host the tournament we admire the most because we are 'irritant'.

FIFA, your a joke. Sort it out or we'll do it for you. Enough said.

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