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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Intro to me

Hello all, my name is James heneghan, I'm a 19-year-old University student studying sports journalism and this is where I will be sharing my view on the world. But first an intro to me.

Born in Feburary 1991, I've grown up and lived my whole life in the small village of Shillington in the county Bedfordshire. After Sixth form I decided to go to University in my home county and the choice of studying sports journalism came about through my love and passion of sport.

Having played sport pretty much all my life but not going anywhere with it, I was adamant that I would have a career involving sport. I've been playing football pretty much my whole life as well as a bit of cricket, tennis and rugby chucked in there. But my real passion if Golf, with a handicap of 9 I regularly play golf with friends at my local club Beadlow and someday I would love to be a golf writer for a major media company.

Currently I have two part-time jobs, one at a local supermarket and the other is what I've always dreamed of doing and that is sport writing for a local paper. I mainly cover the Bedford Blues Rugby Club but I also report on other sports such as football, boxing and cricket. You can follow my sports updates, including those ones on live sports matches on my twitter account littlejim10, Some day my dream is to be a national sports writer.

Here is the most recent Bedford Blues match report I have done: Bedford egde Pirates in thriller

Thank you for reading my blog and please follow me on twitter at littlejim10.

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